Proven project can be continued


The project “Experiencing interculturality

Diversity through studying abroad IDEAS for short, will be funded at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for another two years. The German Academic Exchange Service and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research are funding IDEAS with 300,000 euros until the end of 2024. As junior professor Dr. Lukas Eibensteiner says IDEAS can be continued without a break. Eibensteiner (didactics of the Romance school languages) manages the project together with Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann (English didactics). IDEAS 2019 has started.

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This can be used in many different contexts

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IDEAS offers are actively used

Based at the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research at the University of Jena, IDEAS aims to promote the internationalization of teacher training. The means of choice include grants for university semesters at universities abroad. According to Philipp Kramer, who coordinates IDEAS together with Sophie Elly Ewers, twelve scholarships have been awarded so far.

The students’ favorite among the partner universities

The Université de Montreal in Canada, and the Université de Strasbourg in France is particularly popular. The number of students who have used other IDEAS offers is far greater. As Philipp Kramer says, 300 students took advantage of various online offers, took part in workshops, formed language tandems or completed intercultural training.

Cooperation with the University of Jerusalem is being expanded

In addition to Montreal and Strasbourg, the Tbilisi State University in Georgia, the Universidad de Barcelona in Spain and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel are also among the partner universities in the project. As Philipp Kramer says, the cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is currently being expanded. So IDEAS stays on course.


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