Effective tips for teenage skin care


Facial skin in teenagers stores a lot of collagen (the largest amount of protein in the body).

But as they gradually become adults, the production of collagen decreases. This makes the skin prone to sagging and wrinkles. Also, adolescence is associated with various skin problems. These are rashes, acne, scars, peeling and many other troubles. To prevent this, you need proper care of the facial skin of teenagers .

It should be started when you are in your teenage years and your body is already starting to change dramatically. This way you can keep your skin in the best condition and prevent premature aging and problems in the future. 

How to determine your skin type for a teenager

Before learning how to care for teenage skin, it is necessary to determine its type. And then, based on this, plan care and choose the means. After all, the procedure that is suitable for the care of oily skin will not be so effective for dry skin. It is also desirable to follow up and find out what exactly makes the skin problematic and what is healthy. For example, it can be special products for the skin, food or weather conditions.

Learn what each type is like to help you identify yours.

Normal skin

Usually, it has a soft and smooth texture, spots and pimples are not characteristic of it. Pores are tight and the surface doesn’t feel greasy or dry. Water content and fat production are well balanced, blood flows well to the face. 

  • If you have normal skin, use a mild alcohol-free cleanser to prevent over-drying.

Oily skin

It is shiny and prone to acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. The pores are open, there is excess sebum on the skin. Problem skin is sometimes more difficult to care for. During adolescence, hormone levels are constantly fluctuating due to puberty, which can worsen the situation with oily skin. Experts believe that stress (for example, before an exam or a date) can speed up the work of the sebaceous glands and contribute to the appearance of acne. 

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  • Teenagers with oily skin should wash twice a day using a special cleansing gel. Choose cleansers that are non-comedogenic and suitable for teenagers.

Dry skin

Such a teenager’s skin is prone to peeling and often has a dull color. It is usually not very smooth to the touch and may itch, for example, after being in the cold. Dry skin has invisible pores, and its outer layer continues to peel abnormally. It needs external hydration to stay smooth.

  • It is better to avoid washing with soap. Replace it with a mild cleanser. Also, do not take too hot a shower, avoid excessive washing and too thorough cleaning.

Combination skin

It has the characteristics of all other skin types mentioned above. For example, you may have a very oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) while the rest of your face may be dry. The combined type is characterized by black dots and open pores. Cheeks may appear dry, while other parts will produce oil.

  • You can try cleaning your face with soap and water. It is better to apply moisturizer on the skin only on dry parts and avoid oily parts.

Now that you have decided on the type, let’s move on to how to care for the skin of teenagers.

Basic tips for healthy and clear skin

The key to taking care of teenage skin is to adopt healthy habits early on. Teenagers are more prone to skin problems due to hormonal changes and stress. However, with a few simple skin care tips, you can go a long way in improving the condition of your facial skin. 

Daily washing

It’s the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning. After all, it is desirable to clean the skin of the face from fat and sweat that have accumulated during the night. It is best to use a mild detergent for washing. Do not rub aggressively, as this can cause irritation and increase sebum production. 

Moisturizing the skin

This applies even to problem skin and oily type. It is best to contact a cosmetologist: a specialist will recommend suitable products that will suit you individually. If you choose yourself, pay attention to a light cream that is suitable for your skin. And before going out, you can use a tinted moisturizing cream to care for the skin of a teenager.

Avoid using scrubs

The best way to get rid of blackheads is to clean your face regularly and properly. As an option, use a product that contains 2% salicylic acid (it is best to do this on the recommendation of a dermatologist). If you are under 16, always do this under adult supervision.

Limit the use of powder

When it’s oily skin that starts to shine during the day, powder won’t help much. At least its effect will be short-lived. It will only clog the pores and make the teenager’s skin blotchy. It is best to use a special blotting paper or napkin – this way you will be able to absorb all the excess skin fat and shine.


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