Liquid found in iPhone charger port How can we fix it


If you’ve seen an alert on your iPhone® that says “Liquid detected in the Lightning® connector,” you may be wondering what that means and whether or not your phone is broken. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what’s going on and help you figure out what you should do.

At Asurion, we solve the problems that arise with your technology and devices so that the gadgets that run your world can continue to do so. For example, we can tell you what to do if your iPhone isn’t charging and how to make your phone last longer.

Think of us as your personal experts, around the clock. In case you see the message “Liquid detected” on your display, the following options are available to you.

What Does It Imply When It Says That There Was Liquid Detected in the Lightning Connector

If your phone detects liquid in the Lightning port, which is the slot at the bottom of your device where you plug in your charger, the phrase “Liquid detected in Lightning connector” will appear on the screen. Additionally, if your phone detects liquid in any devices that connect to the port, such as speakers or a set of headphones, it will display a warning message.

How to Remove Moisture From the Lightning Port of Your iPhone

Your iPhone was designed to survive harm, and, depending on the model you have, it may even be waterproof or water-resistant (to understand the difference, check out our guide). Whatever the case may be, this is excellent news for you and your phone in the event that you accidentally spill a drink on it or drop it in the pool.

In the event that your iPhone does get wet and there is water in the iPhone charging port, you will need to dry out your iPhone in order to prevent any harm. The only tried-and-true method for accomplishing this is to let it air dry first. To ensure that your phone is thoroughly dried, follow these steps.

Check that your phone is not linked to any wires

Check that your phone is not linked to any wires, including the one connected to its electrical charger.
Tap the phone carefully while holding it so that the Lightning connector is facing down. This will let any moisture escape from your device.
At a minimum of thirty minutes, you should leave the phone in a dry location that has adequate airflow. The next step is to attach it to a Lightning cable or another accessory and check to see if the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” notification still appears after doing so.
If you continue to see that message, it means that there is liquid still present in the Lightning port or under the pins of the connector for your Lightning cable. Repeat the instructions as before, but this time let your iPhone dry for a longer period of time before trying it out with a charger or another accessory.

If you’ve already attempted these steps but find that you still require some assistance, we’re just around the corner. If you schedule a repair appointment at the uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & SolutionsTM shop that is most convenient for you, our certified technicians will be able to get your gadget back up and running on the same day.

Things You Should Never Do With a Wet iPhone

We get it—when your phone isn’t working, you may want to do anything to get rid of that awful liquid in the lightning connector notice. When your phone isn’t working, you may want to try anything to get rid of that message. However, there are a few things that you should avoid doing when attempting to dry the charging port on your iPhone because they can all damage the device.

It is not recommended to dry your iPhone by using heat from an external source, such as a hair dryer, or by using compressed air.
Never try to fix a problem with the lightning connector by sticking something in there that isn’t supposed to be there, such as a paper towel or a cotton swab.
It is not a good idea to place your iPhone in a bag of rice.


A warning on your iPhone says “Liquid detected in power connector”. If your phone detects liquid in the port, you may need to dry your device before using it. The only tried and true way to accomplish this is to let it air dry first.

Check that your phone is not connected to any wires, including the one connected to its electrical charger. If you see liquid in the Lightning port or under the connector pins of your Lightning cable, it’s probably time to test it.


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