How to train 2 times in 1 day? An example of using a double split in training.


Double split method.

This kind of training is usually used at the professional level. For those who don’t know, a double split is, to put it simply, two workouts a day. An athlete trains one muscle group in the first half of the day, usually a large one (back, pectoral muscles, legs), and in the second half – after rest, trains a small muscle group (biceps, triceps, deltas). Here is a clear example of the use of this method by the most famous bodybuilder:

The photo is taken from the textbook

Bodybuilding: a fundamental course”. by Joe Wider. Such a training program can shock not only a natural athlete, but also many “chemists” will not be able to handle it. Representatives of a healthy lifestyle and natural training may object to the feasibility and usefulness of such training for a natural athlete. However, you should not rush to conclusions, and in some cases training twice a day can be useful. An example of a training day using the double split method. Let’s take a training day, when during training you want to train: pectoral muscles, deltas and triceps. 

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But due to some circumstances (we are all human)

you cannot do everything you planned. And in the hall, in order to save time, they are forced to reduce the amount of training, which of course will have a negative effect on the training process. But there is another way to train all the muscle groups planned for that day with quality and volume. Apply double split.

Training can look like this: Complex for pectoral muscles.

Bench press: 5 out of 5. Dumbbell press at an angle of 4 to 8-12. Diversion of dumbbells lying down 3 for 10-15. Complex for delta. Sit dumbbell press 4 to 8-10. Swings in the slope 3 to 10-15. Swings standing 3 times 10-15. A set of exercises for training. The diagrams are taken from F. Delavier’s book “Anatomy of Strength Exercises”. And that’s it, that’s such a short, but quite voluminous workout.

And triceps can be trained on the same day,

But at a more convenient time. Let’s say you trained the lats and deltas in the morning or at lunchtime, and the triceps in the evening. Complex for triceps. Triceps are not a large muscle group and you can train them with a minimum of equipment, even with your own weight. Push-ups on the bars: 10 out of 10. You don’t have to go to the gym for bars, you can find them on any sports ground, in the yard, or at home.

And for the purpose of pumping triceps

The method from German volume training is perfect. 10 sets of 10 repetitions, with a rest interval of 1 minute. Excellent volume training for triceps with only your own weight. Complex of exercises for triceps: push-ups on the bars. The scheme is taken from F. Delavier’s book “Anatomy of Strength Exercises”. Of course, this is just one possible example of a training day using the double split method. The selection of exercises and methods can be completely different.

The very essence of such training is important.

And it is much more convenient for someone to include 2 short workouts in their day than to spend one long and energy-intensive one. Let’s assume one workout during a break at work, and the second after work. It is worth noting a number of advantages of this method: Saving training time. Ability to train each muscle group separately during the day. The training of small groups takes place on fresh strength, and you can work them well.


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