How To Get Y IP Address Redirected To A Home Server With PureVPn


PureVPn is one of the best virtual private network (VPN) services around, and it offers a number of features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their online activity private and secure. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up PureVPN on your home computer so that your IP address will be redirected to a home server – this will help keep your activities anonymous and protected from prying eyes.

PureVPN Overview

If you’re looking for a VPN provider that can securely anonymize your online activities and keep your traffic encrypted, PureVPN is worth checking out.

Like most VPN providers, PureVPN allows you to connect to its network from anywhere in the world. The service offers more than 500 server locations in over 190 countries, making it one of the most comprehensive options available.

Unlike other VPNs, PureVPN also offers a dedicated IP address redirection feature. This allows you to route all of your internet traffic through the VPN connection, making it more difficult for malicious actors to spy on or steal your data.

Overall, PureVPN offers an impressive array of features and is one of the best VPN providers available today. If you’re looking for a reliable way to protect your online privacy and security, PureVPN is a great option

How To Redirect Your IP Address With PureVPN

If you’re suffering from constantly getting IP addresses that seem to be bouncing all over the place, then PureVPN may be the solution for you. As a matter of fact, PureVPN can help redirect your IP address to a home server that you control so that you can finally get some stability and peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for a subscription with PureVPN.

2. Login to your account and select the “Redirect Your IP” option under the “Settings” menu.

3. Enter in the IP address of your home server and click on the “Apply” button.

4. You’ll now be connected to your home server and will no longer be experiencing any issues with your IP addresses.

Tips for Redirecting Your IP Address

If you’re like most people, you use a variety of computer services, including email, online banking, and streaming services. But what if your IP address – the unique number that identifies your computer – was publicly exposed? Wouldn’t it be great to keep your personal information private? Well, PureVPN can help with that! Here’s how:

Step One: Connect To PureVPN

The first step is to connect to PureVPN. This will allow you to select a server location and connect to the VPN. You can do this using the web browser on your computer, or by using the app available on many devices.

Step Two: Activate The VPN Service

Once you’ve connected to the VPN, you’ll need to activate it. This will allow the service to start working and redirect your IP address. To do this, open the PureVPN app or browser extension and click on the activation button. You’ll then be prompted to enter your username and password.

Step Three: Change Your Server Location

Now that you have activated the service and are connected, you’ll need to change your server location. To do this, click on the Locations tab in the main Pure.


If you’re looking to secure your online presence and protect yourself from potential cyber threats, PureVPN is a great option. Not only do they offer an impressive range of security features, but their VPN home server service can help you redirect your IP address to a more secure location. This can help shield you from hackers and other malicious actors who might be targeting your computer or website. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of using PureVPN’s home server service, be sure to check out our full guide.


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