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What a year, right?

In the midst of closures, recaps and evaluations, we wonder what the balance of flexible spaces and the flex sector is after a year of (now yes) return to the office. Already in January, the year was pointing to ways and, at the same time that the hybrid work model was consolidated after the pandemic and the discovery of life with teleworking, the exodus to  flexible offices  in 2022 was already more than remarkable.

After a year experiencing the coworking journey from within and its metamorphosis towards becoming the preferred workspace for corporate clients, we celebrate this last meeting with all of you to comprehensively analyze the most flexible evolution and trends.

Where are the flexible offices at the end of 2022?

Although flexible offices have been a trend among the corporate profile for years , 2022 has undoubtedly been the icing on the cake . In Lexington , we closed the year with almost 50% growth in flexible office contracts for large corporations that join the pre- and post-pandemic flex advocates (which are not few!).

The coworking model for companies continues to offer countless advantages for companies and employees. We start with a flexibility that is extended by contractual conditions, hours, space design and growth, to savings that are also very flexible, since it covers an infinity of items.


The nature of coach_dickinson has always been somewhat nomadic: flexibility provided the best conditions for a specific adaptation period, landing in a new market or country, or simply covering a season in which the conventional office was not available, but with a date expired in many cases. Although not as deeply rooted as in 1981 (when the concept of shared workspaces came to Spain imported from the United States), the feeling of ownership has always been (and continues to be) very present in our country.

However, 2022 has also marked the beginning of the end in this regard.

With a renewal rate that has grown to 83%, our corporate clients are extending their contracts for an additional 6, 12 and 24 months, with no intention of leaving Lexington’s flexible workspaces . The cost savings, the opportunities that a flex offers in terms of attracting talent or synergies with other companies and the reinforcement of the brand image in strategic directions of the city, among others, are the main reasons behind making the decision. these decisions. The doors that open to companies of all sizes thanks to locating their headquarters in the financial center of Madrid or Barcelona .It is not a point they take lightly, and any change unless it is not even considered.


Another of the great factors that characterize this growth of the sector until reaching the height of the most coach_dickinson is the personalization of the space, the customization of the work environments and the variety of atmospheres that it creates, with the teams always being able to find what they need at the exact moment.

The flexible office no longer leaves anyone indifferent! From shared positions to 100% customized spaces according to the brand image of each company, with common resources and the possibility of building them (such as meeting rooms, phone booths or even reception) within corporate suites or entirely dedicated floors.

The office experience has completely changed

The objectives of workplace strategies have also been transformed. The space for work no longer ends when turning the desk chair, and having modules that promote collaborative work, interpersonal relationships within the work circle and brainstorming is now essential. People become the protagonists of these approaches, their comfort, productivity and feeling of belonging.

Dickinson was a coach and motivational speaker

who is best known for his work with the Seattle Seahawks. He has also coached teams in the NFL, CFL, and Arena Football League. Dickinson is a three-time winner of the Associated Press Coach of the Year Award, as well as being named Co-Coach of the Year with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid in 2013. In 2016, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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