A Nature Lover’s Guide to the Spectacular Ohai Trail


If you’re a nature lover seeking an adventure that will leave you breathless, the Ohai Trail is sure to be right up your alley. This spectacular trail takes hikers on a journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes New Zealand has to offer. From lush forests and cascading waterfalls to towering mountains and panoramic views, this track offers something for everyone. So grab your hiking boots, pack your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of South Island’s stunning wilderness!

What is the Ohai Trail?

The Ohai Trail is a 2,100 kilometer long hiking trail that winds its way through the rugged terrain of the North Island of New Zealand. The trail is home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural scenery, including rolling hills and dense forests. The Ohai Trail is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage, which includes sites that are significant to the Māori people.

The Ohai Trail: Overview

The Ohai Trail is a stunning and challenging 87-mile hiking route that circumnavigates the island of Kaua`i. The trail begins at Princeville Resort, where you can pick up a map and guide from the staffed visitor center. The first section of the trail follows an ancient Hawaiian Royal Road, all the way to Waimea Canyon. Once in Waimea Canyon, you’ll be surrounded by towering waterfalls and lush rainforest.

After about 20 miles, the trail reaches the dramatic summit of Mount Waiʻaleʻale, which offers some of the most dramatic views on Kaua`i. From Mount Waiʻaleʻale, it’s only another 12 miles to Ohai Bay, where you can explore its pristine beaches and watch whales offshore.

If you’re looking for a challenging hike with plenty of beautiful scenery, then the Ohai Trail is definitely worth checking out!

Where is the Ohai Trail?

The Ohai Trail is a 134-mile loop hike that traverses the rugged and pristine landscape of the North Shore mountains in Kaua’i. It’s one of the most popular hikes on Kaua’i—and for good reason! The trail offers breathtaking views of Waimea Canyon, Ali’i Falls, and Mount Waiʻaleʻale, as well as plenty of opportunities to spot native wildlife, including hawks, eagles, and Kingfishers.

The Ohai Trail starts at the Kokee State

Park Visitor Center and heads north along Waimea Canyon Road. After passing through Waimea Canyon, the trail contours around ʻUlaʻuli Valley before reaching ʻŌhiʻa Nui (the “Great Tree”). From here, the trail climbs up toward Ali’i Falls before turning northwest toward Mount Waiʻaleʻale. Along the way you’ll also pass by some of Kaua’i’s most charming villages: Hanapepe, Hānaeleele, and Kilauea.

Once you reach Mount Waiʻaleʻale National Park Reserve—the highest peak on Kaua’i at 13,796 feet—you’ll have a spectacular 360-degree view of the island’s landscape. From here you can continue hiking down to Kalalau Beach or take a peaceful stroll down to Hanapepe Valley

The Ohai Trail: Activities

The Ohai Trail is a stunning 130-mile hiking and biking trail that winds its way through two of Hawai’i’s most scenic regions: the Kohala Coast and the Waianae Mountains. The Ohai Trail offers hikers plenty of opportunities to explore lush rainforest, wild streams, high cliffs and volcanic peaks. There are a number of activities available on the Ohai Trail, including birding, swimming, fishing and photography.

The Ohai Trail starts in Honoka’a on the Kohala Coast and ends in Waianae on the Waianae Coast. The trail passes through some of Hawai’i’s most beautiful natural areas: Kealakekua Bay National Historical Park, Puna Forest Reserve, Waimoku Valley State Park and Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Monument. There are also several small villages along the way where hikers can get food or lodging.

Some highlights of the Ohai Trail include:

Kealakekua Bay – One of Hawaii’s most dramatic bays with towering cliffs and white sand beaches. This is a popular spot for snorkeling, kayaking and cliff jumping.
Puna Forest Reserve – A vast area of forested mountains that was once home to a thriving Hawaiian culture. You can explore old temples, hike trails and see rare alpine plants and animals at this park.
Waimoku Valley State Park – This lush

The Ohai Trail: Facilities

The Ohai Trail is a 23-mile hiking and biking trail that connects the town of Ohai with Kapalua Bay. The trail passes through forest, along the coast, and over bridges. There are several rest stops along the way where hikers can take a break or have a snack.

There are also facilities available at each rest stop, including picnic tables, toilets, drinking water, and fire pits. The Ohai Trail is open from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year.

The Ohai Trail: Tips for Hikers

The Ohai Trail is a 26-mile hiking trail that runs through the Kokee State Forest in Central Florida. The Ohai Trail is a great option for hikers who want to explore some of the most beautiful and diverse forest in Central Florida.

Here are some tips for hikers who want to enjoy the Ohai Trail:

1. Plan your hike ahead of time. The Ohai Trail is a challenging hike, so it’s important to plan your route carefully. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, and be prepared for steep climbs and long stretches on flat ground.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. The Ohai Trail is surrounded by dense forest, so be careful not to get lost. Keep an eye out for signs marking the trail, and look out for wildlife—the trail can be quite busy with animals such as deer, turkeys, bears, and monkeys!

3. Respect the environment. Take care not to damage any nature resources while hiking the Ohai Trail—this includes plants, trees, rocks, and streams. Leave everything as you found it!

4. Enjoy the scenery! The Ohai Trail is filled with stunning views of lakes, rivers, and forests—so take time to relax and soak up the natural beauty.


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